Tunnel Robot

T1 utilizes advanced technologies such as AI deep learning, visual recognition, infrared identification, .…

Tunnel Robot

T1 utilizes advanced technologies such as

AI deep learning ,visual recognition,intfrared identification,environmental monitoring,and Industrial Internet . enabling 24/7 monitoring and early warning to ensure smooth operation of user production activities.The T1 rail inspection robot can perform comprehensive back-and-forth patrols,detecting temperature ,humidity,oxygen concentration,personnel,accidents,vehicle speed,fire, etc., inside tunnels. This effectively prevents tunnel fires, accidents, and enhances safety.

Business Challenges

  • In the event of an accident inside the tunnel, there is a risk of chain accidents occurring. The robot’s timely detection and alerting can help mitigate this risk.
  • It is highly dangerous for personnel to walk inside the tunnel. The robot can provide timely detection in such situations.

  • In case of a fire inside the tunnel, there is a significant increase in oxygen consumption, leading to dangerously low oxygen concentrations. Timely alerts are crucial in such scenarios.

Product Advantages

  • 24/7 continuous inspection improves real-time issue detection.
  • High-precision thermal imaging for real-time monitoring and detailed target detection.
  • Intelligent recognition capabilities and generation of electronic reports enhance automation and informatization levels.

Dimensions (mm): 1060* 396 *465

Operating temperature: -20°C to 60°C

Protection level: IP65

Material: Aluminum alloy structure

Movement method: Rail travel

Travel performance: Forward, backward

Charging method: Automatic

Battery capacity: 48V 35AH

Endurance time: 5 hours

Product Specifications

Application Scenarios

T1 is widely applicable in various scenarios including  transportation tunnels, mining tunnels, waterworks tunnels, and more.

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