Industrial Robot

Equipped with brushless DC motors, reducers, and solid rubber tires, this robot adopts a four-wheel …

Industrial Robot

Equipped with  brushless DC motors,reducers,and solid tires.  this robot adopts a four-wheel independent drive system, offering strong power and good terrain adaptability.  With excellent obstacle-crossing ability, it can flexibly navigate around obstacles and avoid road  collapses,holes,and other obstacles . adapting to various complex road conditions.

It replaces manual tasks such as outdoor routine patrols, infrared temperature measurement, reading instrument data, gas leak detection, and equipment operation status diagnosis in factory areas,achieving full coverage surveillance of the area. It supports various modes such as  automatic inspection and remotecontrol

Design load: 200kg

Chassis weight: 75kg

Protection level: IP65

Climbing angle:

Dimensions (mm): 864* 578 * 830

Travel speed: 1.5m/s

Climbing ability: 15°

Maximum obstacle crossing: 100mm

Water immersion depth: 100mm

Travel performance: forward, backward, turning

Charging method: automatic/manual

Battery capacity: 48V 35AH

Endurance time: 5h

Product Specifications

Application Scenarios

This robot can be applied in  substations,petroleum,chemical,gas and other similar scenarios.

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